Is The Forest Available On Nintendo Switch in November 2022?

The Forest is a popular survival horror game that has been available on PS4 and Windows since 2018. Unfortunately, The Forest is not available on Nintendo Switch…yet. However, there is hope that the game will eventually make its way to the Switch platform. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why The Forest isn’t currently available on Switch and whether or not it is likely to come to the platform in the future.

Why Is The Forest Available Not Available On Nintendo Switch?

There are a few reasons why The Forest isn’t currently available on Nintendo Switch.

First and foremost, the game requires a significant amount of processing power and memory in order to run smoothly. The Nintendo Switch simply doesn’t have the horsepower to run The Forest without making significant sacrifices to graphical quality and/or gameplay stability.

Additionally, The Forest is a fairly large game file-wise, coming in at just over 4GB. This presents another barrier to Switch compatibility due to the limited storage capacity of most Switch models (32GB for the base model and 64GB for the more expensive model).

That being said, there is still hope that The Forest will come to Nintendo Switch eventually. While it may not be possible to port the game over in its current state, it’s entirely possible that the development team could create a version of The Forest specifically tailored for the Switch platform. This would likely involve some major cuts to graphical quality and/or gameplay features, but it would still be playable on Switch hardware.


So there you have it—unfortunately, The Forest is not currently available on Nintendo Switch. While it would be great to be able to play such an atmospheric and immersive game on the go, the Switch’s portable nature just doesn’t lend itself well to the hide-and-seek gameplay of The Forest.

Here’s hoping that Endnight Games eventually releases a port for Switch…but until then, we’ll just have to enjoy the game on one of the other platforms it’s available on.

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