Is The Forest Cross-Generation in November 2022 [PS4, PS5]

For the longest time, gamers have been asking whether they will be able to transfer saves and data between generations in The Forest. The answer was finally revealed and it is yes! The Forest is accessible cross-generation between the PS4 and PS5.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Cross-generation accessibility has been a huge topic among gamers, especially with the release of the PS5 on the horizon. There are many concerns that come along with a new generation of consoles, one of them being whether or not gamers will have to start their progress all over again. Well, The Forest has answered that question and provided some relief for gamers.

The announcement was made on The Forest’s official website and social media channels earlier today. In the announcement, it was revealed that not only will saves transfer from PS4 to PS5, but players will also have access to cross-generation multiplayer. This means that gamers on both consoles will be able to play together without any issues.

This is great news for those who have been worried about losing their progress in The Forest when moving to the PS5. It’s also good news for those who want to continue playing with friends on the PS4 while they make the transition to the PS5. No matter what your situation is, The Forest has you covered.


Whether you’re a fan of The Forest or just curious about how saves and data transfer between console generations, this news is sure to interest you. It’s always good to know that your progress won’t be lost when moving to a new console, and now we know that won’t be an issue with The Forest. If you were worried about losing your savings or not being able to play with friends on different consoles, there’s no need to worry any longer. The Forest has got you covered.

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