Hello Smashmuck Fans!

We know you're wondering about the fate of SmashMuck Champions, and to be honest, for a long time we were, too. We knew that we couldn't sustain the game in its current state, so when we got the chance to port SMC to Playstation® 4, we knew it was the only way the game could live on. But for it to work, we had to streamline the experience and look at re-branding in order to make the game appeal to a wider audience.

We plan to bring it back to Steam® at a later date, and we will do our best to do right by everyone who supported SMC. If you bought a Legendary Account, rest assured that it WILL BE HONORED in a future release on Steam®.

Thank you all for everything! We look forward to seeing you in the arena for the new and improved Trans-Galactic Tournament!